Mypasal is a Consumer to Consumer (C2C) and Business to Consumer (B2C) platform in Nepal for buying and selling goods. The Main motto of MyPasal is to provide a platform where different people/business entities  can  connect , post ads and buy and sell goodsMypasal is all about connecting buyers and sellers online . The main aim of Mypasal is to connect people throughout the country and provide a platform where people can buy and sell independently.People/ Business can sell new items as well as second hand items. They can easily connect within the Mypasal Chatbox between buyer and seller and forward the deal. 

In Mypasal Buyer and Seller can find wide range of new, fresh and used –second hand products, from Cars, and Motorcycles, scooter, Real Estate ,Electronic products like television, camera, hightech product like laptops, tablets, mobile phones, furniture and goods, local services and many other products.


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