Spa Moisturizing Gel Gloves

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    Location: Lalitpur

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    Product details of Moisturize Gel Spa Gloves Soften Repair And For Cracked Skin Designed to moisturize and soften the skins and make your hands and feet looking fresh and soft to touch Wonderful gel lining to moisturize the whole hand/feet Work continuously to soften and whiten hands/feet or repair the dry and rough hands/feet Inside gel are added with natural essential oils Inside gel are with added natural essential oils (olive oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, rose oil) and vitamin E Pink Moisturize Gel Spa Gloves Soften Repair Cracked Skin Treatment pampers your cracked hands by restoring their moisture and tenderness. Designed for cracked skin treatment, the moisturizing spa gloves bring back the natural moisture and softness of your fingers, and hands through regular use. The cracked hands gel spa gloves are made from a mixture of TPR, Jojoba oil, Olive oil, Vitamin E and lavender oil. TPR mineral oil released from the gel spa gloves help to repair your rough and dry hands and fingers. An effective blend of essential oils also imparts a fantastic smell to your dry hands. Pink Moisturize Gel Spa Gloves/Socks Soften Repair Cracked Skin Treatment whitens your skin and keeps them warm by avoiding cold. The skin moisturizing treatment gel spa gloves act as a shield against cracking and peeling on your hands and repairs the skin on your cracked palms and hands. Wearing this exfoliating skin treatment gel spa gloves for 20 to 30 minutes every day can keep your skin white, smooth, and tender. This revolutionary hand spa product is highly effective for anyone

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